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Audiomaster / Candiani (Mexico City, Mexico)

Audiomaster / Candiani Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.0% Audiomaster / Candiani

Founded in 1955 and still independently owned, STM is the most important dubbing company in Mexico. We have the most extensive bank of talents. Our Spanish can be aired all throughout Latin America, being the only one that has a neutral accent and translations understood in all of these countries. We can translate from every language into Spanish, English and Portuguese. We create thousands of M&E tracks by recording all possible live foleys. We have 30 recording/mixing rooms. We currently dub the most important live action series, animations, reality shows, films and soap operas of our times.

Now, with new developments in technology we can encode multiple formats, subtitle, close caption, duplicate, QC and transcode in every possible spec and much more; everything managed independently with our own media asset management solution.

Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Primary Region: Latin America

Mariana Tohen

Jeaninne De la Rosa

Encripta (São Paulo, Brazil)

Encripta Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.0%

Somos especialistas em soluções e serviços para distribuição de conteúdo digital protegido, atuando em duas frentes de Video On Demand, Music On Demand e Games. Oferecemos plataformas e ferramentas para gerenciamento de conteúdo, toda a infraestrutura para ingestão, encodamento, captação, produção e edição do conteúdo audiovisual até a distribuição aos usuários finais com segurança. Tudo com gestão e entrega de relatórios, como métricas estatísticas de audiência.


We specialize in solutions and services for delivering protected digital content , acting on two fronts Video On Demand , Music On Demand and Games . We offer platforms and tools for content management , the entire infrastructure for intake , encodamento , capture, production and editing of audiovisual content to distribution to end users safely . All with report management and delivery, as metrics audience statistics.

Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Primary Region: Latin America

Fernando Freitas
Operations Manager
+55 11 5053 5033

Oxobox (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Oxobox Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.5%

Based in Buenos Aires, Oxobox, is a leader supplier of SaaS Digital Asset Management for distributors and film/TV post-production facilities. We offer a premium workflow solution and a high quality service to our clients, helping them to deliver world class content to the global marketplace. We offer to receive and apply Quality Control for files and metadata. We can convert media from any format, frame rate and resolution to any other. In order to deliver film and TV contents in a faster and secure way by using FTP, Aspera o RSync protocols.

Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Primary Region: Latin America

Ramiro Fernandez
+54 (11) 4511 3380 / 81 / 82