3rd i (Culver City, U.S.A.)

3rd i

For 3rd i, Quality Control is not the mechanical task of checking boxes on a report, rather it is the art of combining a state of total awareness with the expertise to recognize technical and subjective issues which may distract viewers from their enjoyment of Home Entertainment content.

In addition to their over 25-year reputation for real-time Master-Level Source QC, 3rd i pioneered physical disc quality control by shepherding the catalog launches of Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

At their facility in Culver City, 3rd i has the capability to perform quality assurance evaluations for digital releases, including 4K/UHD material, as well as verification of Digital Cinema Packages, Blu-ray, and DVD releases.

With their legacy of creating the niche industry of third-party quality control for home entertainment, coupled with their commitment to technology on the forefront of the Home Entertainment industry, 3rd i is passionately dedicated to protecting their partners’ investments and maximizing consumer enjoyment by ensuring a frustration-free end-user experience.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Al Limon
Founder and CEO
310.258.9444 x105

Kathy Blake
Source and Digital File Account Director
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Audiomaster / Candiani (Mexico City, Mexico)

Audiomaster / Candiani Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.0% Audiomaster / Candiani

Founded in 1955 and still independently owned, STM is the most important dubbing company in Mexico. We have the most extensive bank of talents. Our Spanish can be aired all throughout Latin America, being the only one that has a neutral accent and translations understood in all of these countries. We can translate from every language into Spanish, English and Portuguese. We create thousands of M&E tracks by recording all possible live foleys. We have 30 recording/mixing rooms. We currently dub the most important live action series, animations, reality shows, films and soap operas of our times.

Now, with new developments in technology we can encode multiple formats, subtitle, close caption, duplicate, QC and transcode in every possible spec and much more; everything managed independently with our own media asset management solution.

Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Primary Region: Latin America

Mariana Tohen

Jeaninne De la Rosa

Hiventy (CMC) (Paris, France)

Hiventy (CMC) Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.3%

Hiventy Europe is the European branch of Hiventy Group, specialist in high-end technical solutions to the entertainment industry for more than 30 years with branches in Eastern Europe (Warsaw) and Asia (Vietnam and Singapore).

Paris based, Hiventy Europe covers all the range of technical services required to create, transform and deliver audiovisual contents: image and sound post-production, secure storage and media asset management, image and sound restoration, subtitling, dubbing, deliveries to cinemas, TV or digital platforms on any file format. 
The whole range of services is provided in the best security conditions. Hiventy Europe has been certified for seven years by CDSA for the continuous efforts made on physical and IT security. Our entire staff is regularly sensitized to comply with the highest requirements.

Because broadcasting modes are ever evolving, Hiventy Europe relies on a strong IT department offering technical solutions to any specific requests. Skilled technicians and up to date equipment are available to customers, guaranteeing top-quality services in the best possible timeframe. 

Hiventy Europe is now a preferred partner of a large number of producers, distributors, broadcasters and media companies, whether French or international.

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Tags: SubtitleSubtitling
Primary Region: Europe

Bertrand Chalon
Executive Vice President
+33 6 25 37 13 62

MyEye Media (Burbank, U.S.A.)

MyEye Media

My Eye Media is the leading provider of quality control, technical analysis and testing for major motion picture studios, TV broadcasters, OTT and independent content producers. My Eye Media was founded in 2004 and is the most advanced and experienced digital-file testing company in the world. The company operates from its 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, headquartered in the heart of the post-production district in Burbank, California, and it has offices in New York and Tokyo.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Josh Erkman
EVP of Strategic Operations

Point360 (Burbank, U.S.A.)


Point 360 is a full service post production company with over 25 years of experience servicing premier content for the television and film industries. Our services include master level quality control, day and date file-based workflows, subtitle/caption origination, foreign language dubbing, audio description, transcription services, color correction, 4K/UHD color and editorial, audio mixing and editorial, music and effects creation, picture and sound restoration, and film scanning. We have locations in Burbank and Los Angeles, and offer 24/7 dedicated account management. Our primary focus is providing the highest level of customer service so that the rapidly evolving requirements and expectations of our clients and partners are always exceeded.

Service Type(s): Master Quality Control
Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Tags: Master QC
Primary Region: US & Canada

Claudia De Rosa
Vice President, Sales
(O) 818-556-5706
(M) 818-919-1270

Eileen Lagana
Vice President, Sales
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(M) 323-443-5946