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3rd i (Culver City, U.S.A.)

3rd i

For 3rd i, Quality Control is not the mechanical task of checking boxes on a report, rather it is the art of combining a state of total awareness with the expertise to recognize technical and subjective issues which may distract viewers from their enjoyment of Home Entertainment content.

In addition to their over 25-year reputation for real-time Master-Level Source QC, 3rd i pioneered physical disc quality control by shepherding the catalog launches of Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

At their facility in Culver City, 3rd i has the capability to perform quality assurance evaluations for digital releases, including 4K/UHD material, as well as verification of Digital Cinema Packages, Blu-ray, and DVD releases.

With their legacy of creating the niche industry of third-party quality control for home entertainment, coupled with their commitment to technology on the forefront of the Home Entertainment industry, 3rd i is passionately dedicated to protecting their partners’ investments and maximizing consumer enjoyment by ensuring a frustration-free end-user experience.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Al Limon
Founder and CEO
310.258.9444 x105

Kathy Blake
Source and Digital File Account Director
310.258.9444 x112

MyEye Media (Burbank, U.S.A.)

MyEye Media

My Eye Media is the leading provider of quality control, technical analysis and testing for major motion picture studios, TV broadcasters, OTT and independent content producers. My Eye Media was founded in 2004 and is the most advanced and experienced digital-file testing company in the world. The company operates from its 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, headquartered in the heart of the post-production district in Burbank, California, and it has offices in New York and Tokyo.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Josh Erkman
EVP of Strategic Operations

Point360 (Burbank, U.S.A.)


Point 360 is a full service post production company with over 25 years of experience servicing premier content for the television and film industries. Our services include master level quality control, day and date file-based workflows, subtitle/caption origination, foreign language dubbing, audio description, transcription services, color correction, 4K/UHD color and editorial, audio mixing and editorial, music and effects creation, picture and sound restoration, and film scanning. We have locations in Burbank and Los Angeles, and offer 24/7 dedicated account management. Our primary focus is providing the highest level of customer service so that the rapidly evolving requirements and expectations of our clients and partners are always exceeded.

Service Type(s): Master Quality Control
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Tags: Master QC
Primary Region: US & Canada

Claudia De Rosa
Vice President, Sales
(O) 818-556-5706
(M) 818-919-1270

Eileen Lagana
Vice President, Sales
(O) 323-987-9418
(M) 323-443-5946

Captions, Inc. (LOS ANGELES, U.S.A.)

Captions, Inc. Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 0.8%

Founded in 1986, Captions, Inc., has been a technological pioneer in closed-captioning, subtitling and translation for broadcast, cablecast, Internet streaming, DVD, Blu-ray and stereoscopic 3D. Our experienced in-house staff averages 10+ years in the captioning and subtitling industry and our translators are in-territory worldwide. Our dedication to the quality of our text is unmatched, and our technological flexibility allows us to provide custom solutions for the needs of our clients.

Service Type(s): Text Localization
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Tags: SubtitlingtranslationCC
Primary Region: US & Canada

Ed Premetz
Director of Sales

Premiere Digital (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

Premiere Digital Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.5%

Founded in 2008, Premiere Digital is a leading provider of digital media services and solutions. The company's roots are in file-based workflows, which has Premiere well positioned to deal with the challenges of today's complex multi-language, multi territory delivery requirements. Premiere works with a global client base ranging from major studios to individual filmmakers.Premiere has taken its servicing expertise and developed a number of innovative Saas solutions for various aspects of the supply chain. Tools including a platform delivery packeger, storefront manager, white label distribution tool,and order-task-asset-metadata manger and media centric apps.

Our core media services business includes ingest (file and tape), QC, conformance of ancillary assets (i.e. CC, subtitles, forced narratives, audio and art), transcoding packaging, and delivery. Premiere has significant experience with complex component based packages and the capacity to process and deliver high volume with short turn around times and high acceptance rates. The company's state of the art facility is located centrally in Los Angeles and includes all necessary tools / infrastructure including 12+ petabytes of spinning disk storage, 10 gig connectivity, Telestream Vantage, Baton, and much more which provides for optimal efficiency, scalability, and reliability. Premiere is engaged with a supportive of key industry standardization efforts including, EMA, EIDR, and IMF.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Evelyn Arteaga

AJ Sauer


Technicolor (Hollywood, U.S.A.)

Technicolor Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.5%

As a creative technology company, we partner to ignite the imagination of audiences everywhere.  We get the best tools and talent into the hands of the world’s most celebrated storytellers, providing the creative community with the most comprehensive portfolio of post-production services in the industry. With a name and brand synonymous with color, we push the creative palette while introducing and supporting unique digital workflows that service clients from on set with our dailies solution, DP Lights, through the post production process of online editorial, best-in-class color finishing, and master fulfillment with localization and final element creation and delivery.  Through it all Technicolor harnesses the creativity, diversity and imagination of our artists, scientists and engineers to ensure that the technology we create and stories we enhance continually sets industry standards and drive innovation across the content value chain.


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Primary Region: US & Canada

Brady Woods
Vice President, Strategic Account Management

Sherri Potter
Senior Vice President & Head of World Wide Post Production

IDC (New York, U.S.A.)

IDC Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 1.8%

With business acumen achieved from over 25 successful years in business, IDC maintains a stellar reputation as an industry leader and trend setter providing great service and in fulfilling client's needs.

As an established leader in the craft of Digital Distribution, Captioning, Subtitling, File Based Delivery, Storage, Media & Encoding Services, Audio, Post Production, and Metadata Management; IDC provides an unsurpassed balance of both legacy and state of the art equipment to provide full capability for all standards, formats, & frame rates as well as delivery via Aspera, SmartJog, Signiant, etc. to ensure timely and accurate delivery for any of your streaming, transfer, or cloud storage needs. IDC is offers superior video content analysis and QC services featuring Aurora, Baton, & Cerify among others. Focused on forward thinking, progressive modalities, and creative development; edit rooms and production spaces at IDC are a highly sought after commodity in NYC Post Production circles for those seeking an outside or local presence.

With experienced engineers, client based focus, and brilliant time tested leadership; it’s not surprising that esteemed clientele such as content owners, distributors, broadcast networks, Hollywood studios, etc. continue to seek out IDC for their most high profile projects.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Marcy Gilbert

Andrew Segal
VP Sales

Sarah Corona
Director of Sales, Project Manager

ZOO Digital (El Segundo, U.S.A.)

ZOO Digital                                           Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.3%

ZOO Digital is a leading provider of localization and digital distribution services for the global entertainment industry. Using its revolutionary ZOOcloud platform, ZOO ensures that premium TV and movie content is seen and heard around the world faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

ZOO operates from the entertainment hubs of London and Los Angeles. It provides services for Hollywood studios, global broadcasters and independent distributors.

ZOO offers an end-to-end service in all languages including digital distribution, subtitling & captioning, metadata creation & localization, dubbing, artwork localization, workflow management, asset management and e-screeners.

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Tags: Subtitlingtranslation
Primary Region: US & CanadaEurope

Gordon Doran

Duncan Wain

SDI (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

SDI Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.5% SDI

SDI Media is the world’s leading media localization provider, offering dubbing, subtitling, and media services for international, regional, and local content owners, aggregators, broadcasters, and new media distributors. SDI Media offers clients a complete end-to-end localization solution for feature films, episodic television series, interactive games, new media, and corporate needs using the most comprehensive suite of customizable localization software applications in the industry. With the world’s largest owned and operated network of facilities, incorporating over 150 recording rooms and over 85 mixing rooms, SDI Media provides dubbing, subtitling, and other media solutions in more than 80 languages worldwide. Servicing 40 markets, in 37 countries across EMEA, Asia, and The Americas, SDI Media’s global localization footprint provides the only one-stop media localization solution in the industry.

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Tags: SubtitleSubtitlingDubbing
Primary Region: US & Canada

Jeny Nicholson
Director of Business Development
310.388.8825 | 310.384.0918

Juice Worldwide (Toronto, Canada)

Juice Worldwide Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.6%

Juice offers digital supply chain solutions across all media. We are a one-stop-shop for your film, television and music content. Based in Toronto, Canada, Juice has partner facilities in the United States, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Prague, Brazil and Australia. We are one of the world's top preferred encoding partners and aggregators for a number of international platforms. We can deliver content to all territories in all languages. Service offerings at Juice are extensive and include: Digital Asset Management, Multiplatform Distribution, Post Production, Blu-ray and DVD Authoring, DCP file creation and more.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Andrew Buck
416.598.4353 x222

James Finlay
Sales and Distribution
416.598.4353 x310

Fotokem (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

Fotokem Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 2.8%

FotoKem is an independently-owned, full-service post production lab that has serviced every corner of the entertainment market since 1963. Current services include file-based workflows, DI and editorial, mobile dailies and production rentals, VFX, restoration, and transcoding and metadata creation for distribution, playback, and archival. FotoKem has expanded over the years with the acquisition of Keep Me Posted, L.A. Studios, Margarita Mix and SPY Post.

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Primary Region: US & Canada

Ellen Ostoich
SVP Administration
818.846.3101 ext. 586

Rosanna Marino
SVP Sales
818.846.3101 ext 596

BTI (Stockholm, Sweden)

BTI Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 3.0%

BTI Studios is one of the world’s largest media access and localization companies. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, BTI services content distributors, broadcasters and film studios as well as independent producers. We produce over 8 million minutes of closed captioning, dubbing, subtitling, and audio description annually in 50+ languages.

From client service hubs in Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Hong Kong, BTI offers clients a central point of contact from which they can access audiences worldwide via BTI’s 21 offices and 400 full-time employees. BTI stands for real people who know the ins and outs of their local market, taking care of your product from start to finish, creating real translations that give you the best value for money.

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Tags: SubtitleSubtitlingDubbing
Primary Region: US & CanadaEurope

Carlo DeCianti
EU: +44 020 7078 9292 / +44 07780 998 908
US: 818.450.3742 / 424.355.5686

Oskars Killo
+44 020 7440 5407 / +44 07523 169 760

Advanced Digital Services (Hollywood, U.S.A.)

Advanced Digital Services Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 3.1%

ADS is a full-service post-production and distribution facility catering to major motion picture studios, television producers, and independent production companies and distributors.  Conveniently located in Hollywood California, ADS' MPAA and studio security compliant facility support digital media services and file-based workflows for post-production and distribution of HD and 4K content.  For over 20 years, ADS has been a valued business partner with content owners to master and distribute motion picture, television episodic, documentary, and advertising & publicity material with a commitment to service, quality and value. 

Along with digital media services including encode/transcode packaging and secure delivery, ADS also offers editorial, audio, restoration, 100% QC, and DCP services.  With our talented and highly experienced staff, ADS is equipped to process and deliver large volumes of high-quality packages from our state of the art facility.  Throughout the years, ADS has been a trusted business partner with our customers' processing and delivering their first run programming and library content, on time and on budget, with the highest quality these projects deserve.

Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Tags: ADS
Primary Region: US & Canada

Brad Weyl
323.468.2200 x1344

Greg Terry
323.468.2200 x1229

Visual Data Media Services (US) (Burbank, U.S.A.)

Visual Data Media Services (US)  Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 3.3%

Visual Data (LA) became a Netflix Preferred Vendor in 2013 and its technical, professional and service standards are among the highest in the industry.
Visual Data takes care of every aspect of the digital-media supply chain to ensure a smooth flow of content to the Netflix platform. State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of Visual Data’s offer. Services include encoding, editing, timed text creation, metadata, IMF mastering, digital package creation, media-asset management and secure delivery. Full QC — including 4K/UHD — capabilities ensure redelivery rates that are among the lowest in the business. For worldwide releases LA-based and London-based company also offers a full suite of localization services, multi-language subtitling and closed captioning. Supporting its technical competence is a focus on friendly, accessible and responsive customer service. Visual Data aims to be not just a supply-chain partner, but a trusted ally who understands the dynamics of the international digital distribution business as well as it understands the technology that drives it.

Eligible Subtitle Creation Languages:
Tags: SubtitleSubtitlingVDMS
Primary Region: US & Canada

Kim Lawrence
VP of Client Services

Jill Petrizzi
Account Executive

Deluxe Los Angeles (Los Angeles, U.S.A.)

Deluxe Los Angeles Q1-2018 Redelivery Rate: 3.4%

A wholly-owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., Deluxe is a leading provider of a broad range of services and technologies for the global digital media and entertainment industry since 1915. Bringing together a comprehensive network of specialized companies with boasting best-in-class artistry, cutting-edge technology, streamlined delivery and distribution solutions and customized management strategies, Deluxe approaches all of its businesses with an ingrained attention to quality, detail and creativity. From start to finish, in whatever format or language is required, Deluxe has the infrastructure and in-house capacity to provide complete solutions to a broad range of customers, including: major motion picture studios, television networks and cable companies, advertising agencies, brands, production companies, independent distributors and content owners.

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Tags: SubtitleSubtitling
Primary Region: US & Canada

Andy Manidis
VP, Technical Solutions